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World’s biggest wave ever surfed

The world’s biggest wave ever surfed was caught on camera. It’s big the guy needed a jet-ski to get on it. Here’s the video.

But this morning, someone surfed a wave that was almost as big. Or maybe it’s bigger; I can’t tell. But it’s an amazing picture from Nazaré, Portugal. It looks like that surfer is going to crash into the that sea wall!


A kid’s surprise birthday

Take a gander at this…


Before everyone goes nuts, it’s fake. Completely. Here is the original, which is basically an add for wall decorations.

‘The Apocalypse’: A short from the Sundance Film Festival

I love this inventive little short about the end of the world. Great special effects (which were probably done with on someone laptop with open source software), and with an amusingly insulting view towards boring apocalyptica, of which there is far too much. And no, that towel never come off.

The Ultimate cat video

Cats are ubiquitous in the internet, and I’m not sure why. So this is the ultimate cat video. Even if you hate cats, you will love this video. There are some clips you’ve seen before, and some new ones. But never all at the same time! Feast your eyes on the Ultimate Meow Compilation.

Six perfectly timed photos.

Stevie Wonder plays a drum solo

In this grainy, black-and-white clip, we see a  young Stevie Wonder howling away as his band funks the hell out. Then…

He is led up, past the piano, towards the drum set. For a moment the scene looks like the times when James Brown had his entourage treat him like a funk-stricken invalid for laughs. But Stevie is really teetering up there! He barely makes it to the drum set, and then, after his drummer sets him up, points him in the right directions like Stevie Wonder is a deadly and poorly-aimed weapon, the drum solo starts. And it’s a doozie. Check it out – a drum solo from one of the most talented men on Earth.

A 1957 sex education film

The fifties – horrible, square, stupid, and discriminatory, right?

That’s what I thought. I thought it was the dark ages until the groovy sixties came along and woke everything up. And then the people who had fun in the sixties straightened up, put away the drugs, got nice jobs and bought nice houses in the best neighbourhoods. And now they still have the best jobs and best houses and we’re left with the dregs. So that’s the fifties and the sixties coloured with my own biases. But essentially, in all seriousness, we’ve always thought the fifties were… well, a long time ago.

Then I found this video. It’s so old it’s in the public domain. It’s a sex education video called As Boys Grow. A coach is getting his team of boys ready for a track meet, and they start to ask him all sorts of questions about their growing bodies.

There are few judgements or religious interjections, just education. It doesn’t try to be cool, and despite the film’s time, it goes into erections, wet dreams, ejaculations, intercourse, periods – all under the guise of a helpful track coach taking responsibility for his athletes’ sex-ed.

The cynic in me keeps expecting the coach to saw, “Hi, I’m Troy McLure, and you’ve seen me in…” Another part of me is amazed to see a time when irony didn’t exist and there didn’t have to be subtle in-jokes about everything. This film, as ancient as it is, just teaches you the facts. And the coach uses diagrams! I would happily let my kids see this film.

‘Tell’ (a Short film by Ryan Connoly)

This is a short horror film, just a little over a half an our in length. It’s well-acted, well-shot, and very effective, with lots of the red stuff on display. If it were longer I would accept this as something for a regular theatre. It begins with a very nasty and unpleasant fight between a man and his wife. As it progressed, I was reminded of more old school horror.

It’s tough to find your way as a filmmaker with the big boys taking all the attention. I think this film, which is just on youtube, is something that should be seen and seen again. Watch this film, and maybe comment on it. Give it some love. This thing needs some support. It’s rare to see something that is genuinely frightening. Give it up for Ryan Connolly and his colleagues!