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Monthly Archives: January 2013

World’s biggest wave ever surfed

The world’s biggest wave ever surfed was caught on camera. It’s big the guy needed a jet-ski to get on it. Here’s the video.

But this morning, someone surfed a wave that was almost as big. Or maybe it’s bigger; I can’t tell. But it’s an amazing picture from Nazaré, Portugal. It looks like that surfer is going to crash into the that sea wall!


A kid’s surprise birthday

Take a gander at this…


Before everyone goes nuts, it’s fake. Completely. Here is the original, which is basically an add for wall decorations.

‘The Apocalypse’: A short from the Sundance Film Festival

I love this inventive little short about the end of the world. Great special effects (which were probably done with on someone laptop with open source software), and with an amusingly insulting view towards boring apocalyptica, of which there is far too much. And no, that towel never come off.