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  1. lol.. Are you a rebel? Or are you trying to remain mysterious? I like it!!

    • Er… I was going to be rebellious, and then all this personal stuff happened that I feel like i want to write about. So i’m not sure any more. But I *did* buy my domain and I intend to keep it. I’ll try to be a little more controversial.

      • Well, the name you’ve chosen is definitely an attention-getter! I look forward to seeing what you create here! Good luck!!!

  2. xxxmichaelking

    Hey dude… me again (the porn guy). I finally took a look at the full site… been my mobile exclusively lately.
    Yeah, the Magnotta thing is often in the news around here (born, raised, and work in Montreal, baby… you?). One small correction: Angrignon metro station is one end of the green line… not the blue line. You may have mixed them up because Snowdon station, which also appears in the text, is at one end of the blue line. šŸ™‚
    I look forward to reading the rest of the content… need to catch up. šŸ™‚

  3. Thanks – I lived in Montreal for eight years; went to Mcgill. Lived on the mountain during residence, then three years living by the vendome station, then another few living near St. Laurent and Pine. So yeah, the lines loop around each other and I may have gotten a little confused.

    I’m a wee bit older, so I have a few stories. My first year in residence, I was dating a medical student. We’re messing around, and then she gets a phone call: a friends of hers was working Emergency. All these girls we’re being brought in, and they’d been “Shot to Pieces.” Never forgot how she worded it. Only next morning, when the papers came out, did I find out what happened.

    Another year, near the beginning of summer – I was a bit of a geek and didn’t follow the Habs at all. So I was pretty surprised when I walk around the corner and see thousands of people smashing cars and windows!

    Man, I miss it. I lived there when it was financially down and dirty (the stretch along St Catherines between Guy and Atwater was nothing but porn shops and second-hand bookstores) and now I hear it’s ritzy. Gotta go back for a trip and bring the kids!
    PS. I’ll bring a post back from my old blog about the old montreal peepshows of yore. Not sure if they’re still there.


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